Non-accident towing records

Each time a licensed tow truck is used by a tow truck driver for any towing work other than accident towing work, a licensee must record:

  • the time and date the motor vehicle is towed
  • details of where the vehicle is towed from and the destination of the tow
  • the registration number of the vehicle, or, if there is no registration number, the chassis number or the engine number (if any)
  • the name and contact details of the person who arranged for the vehicle to be towed
  • the name and contact details of any person who takes possession of the vehicle at the destination of the tow
  • details of any charges made by the licensee in relation to the tow.

You must record all non-accident tow details and keep them at your approved business premises.

You may use computerised records as the primary record keeping method, provided a hard copy of the records are also printed and stored at least weekly.

If you do not use a computerised system, appropriate data collection could include a simple spreadsheet or log book that captures the required information. The records and any associated invoices, receipts or documents must be stored at your approved place of business.


Visit the Tow truck forms and policies page to download forms to assist in recording non-accident towing movements.

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