Tow truck compliance and enforcement

Compliance and enforcement

As the regulator of the tow truck industry in NSW, Fair Trading undertakes compliance and enforcement activities in the sector as part of its oversight function and to ensure compliance with the legislation. The requirements in the Act and Regulation regarding licensing of operators and certification of tow truck drivers play an important role in ensuring minimum standards of professionalism and behaviour in the industry, while also protecting consumers often at a time of vulnerability and stress.

Fair Trading employs an intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement as part of its overall commitment to delivering improved and more efficient government services. This ensures the agency's resources are directed to areas where they can best address non-compliant conduct or where they can deliver the greatest overall benefit for consumers and compliant businesses.

Download the Statement of Compliance Approach (PDF, 171.3 KB) to read more about Fair Trading’s risk-based compliance and enforcement approach.

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