Medical gas fitters and testers

Medical Gas compliance requirements

Medical Gas technicians must submit a Certificate of Compliance for medical gas work under the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017.

A completed Certificate of Compliance must be submitted within 7 days of completing any safety and compliance test on a medical gas installation.

How to apply

Click the Medical gas compliance certificate form button at the top of this page.


Log on to the MyCertificates portal and complete the form.

Note: The Certification of Compliance is not required unit the 1st May, 2021

The My Certificates Portal enables you to perform the following functions as they relate to Medical Gas Certificates of Compliance:

  • register to use the portal
  • create a Certificate of Compliance with a system generated identification number
  • save a partially complete certificate and return to complete at a later time
  • submit a complete certificate
  • preview a copy of certificate
  • the system will email both the licencee and the customer who commissioned the work a copy of the certificate once submitted
  • enable the licencee to locate previously logged certificates

Tip: Save the My Certificates link to your favourites for future quick access

Licensees can then have the form approved by emailing:

  • Fair Trading -
  • The commissioning customer at their email address

How to use the form

Create a template by downloading and saving this form with your electrical licence details. This will save you time on all future submissions of the Certificate of Compliance form.

Serial numbers

As the medical gas technician, it’s your responsibility to apply a unique serial number to the Certificate of Compliance.

Use your medical gas licence number followed by the date in the following format: DDMMYYYY.

For example, if your licence number is 444444C, your Certificate of Compliance unique serial number will be 444444C23092020.

Your second Certificate of Compliance in a single day will be 444444C230920201 and so on.

Who should receive a copy of the Certificate of Compliance?

It’s the Medical Gas Technician’s responsibility to ensure the following receive a copy:

  1. the person (customer) for whom the medical gas work is carried out
  2. Fair Trading NSW -


Substantial penalties apply, including on the spot fines of up to $1000, for each occasion when a Compliance Certificate isn't supplied to the NSW Service and Installation Rules.