Submitting a notice of work

Information for plumbers and drainers

Plumbers and drainers must submit a Notice of Work (NoW) before starting most plumbing and drainage work. Circumstances where it does not apply include: emergency work and 'minor works' like replacing tap ware and existing hot water systems, and bathroom renovations where the location of fixtures has not changed.

A NoW is an approved form that outlines the work and who is responsible. If you work in the Sydney, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and Newcastle areas, you must complete the NoW and submit it through the MyInspections website.

Change of licensee details

You must let NSW Fair Trading know if the onsite licensee changes. If a licensee takes over work, both licensees must make sure their NoW and CoC accurately describes the work they have done, or are about to do. The original licensee will need to arrange a final audit inspection to complete their work. They will also need to supply an updated NoW, Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) and CoC that accurately describes the work completed to date. The new licensee must make sure the fee is paid and a NoW is submitted.

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