Resolving issues

If you have a problem with a business, trader, landlord or tenant, these three steps may help you resolve it.

1. Talk it over

Speak or write to your supplier and explain how you want the situation resolved.

Go to the talk it over page for tips and sample letters.

2. Find out more information

If you still cannot resolve the problem, the next step is to gain more information on your rights and responsibilities or find out who is responsible for the industry or practice you are having difficulties with. Discover how to find out more information.

If you still need further information you can < make an enquiry online.

3. Make a complaint

If you have not been able to resolve your problem, you can lodge a complaint online or download a complaint form for mailing. Alternatively, phone NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 to discuss how to lodge a complaint.

<Lodge a complaint>

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