Smart meters

NSW Fair Trading is responsible for safety regulation of electrical meters and related installation work under the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 and Regulation 2018.

Meter provider requirements

You must supply Fair Trading with a copy of your ‘safety management system’ which shows how  you will follow the Code for the safe installation of electricity meters in NSW. Fair Trading might ask you to make changes to the safety management system before it is accepted. Send us your safety management system by email to

Meter installer requirements

Meters must be installed following the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules and the Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales.

The following meter providers have safety management systems accepted by Fair Trading and can operate in NSW:

  • Activestream
  • Acumen Metering
  • IntelliHub
  • Metering Dynamics
  • Metropolis Metering Services
  • Plus ES
  • Powermetric Metering
  • Select Solutions Group
  • Spotless Advanced Metering
  • Vector Advanced Metering Services

You must supply Fair Trading with copies of the smart meter Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW). You can do this on behalf of the electrician who completes the work. Send us your smart meter results in batches by email to

There is a CCEW 'Smart' PDF form that licensed electricians can use. Go to the electrical compliance requirements page for details on how to use CCEW 'Smart' PDF form.

Smart meter tool

You must let Fair Trading know about each smart meter installation after it’s installed. Submit this information through the Smart meter tool.

Service and installation rules

The Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales cover the requirements for the connection of electrical installations to the distribution network. The rules are used by electricians and Accredited Service Providers.

The Service and Installation Rules for NSW Working Group, made up of industry stakeholders, has been updated following the introduction of the national Power of Choice for metering in December 2017.

Annexure metering requirements

The Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales Annexure cover the requirements for the installation and connection of metering works. The Annexure are used by metering providers and installers of metering equipment.

Remote re-energisation and/or re-energisation of meters

Under the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2018 retailers may arrange for, and metering providers can carry out, connection and disconnection of the premises of small customers by the remote use of an electricity meter provided they:

  • have a Safety Management Plan in force, and
  • carry out those services in accordance with the accepted plan.

Fair Trading has developed Guidelines for Development of Safety Management Plans for Remote De-energisation and Re-energisation of Premises of Small Customers by Metering Providers and Retailers PDF, 312.63 KB.

Prior to requesting or undertaking remote de-energisation and/or re-energisation of meters, the retailer and metering provider must submit and have accepted their safety management plan which will show how you will follow the Regulation and Guidelines.

Email for a copy of the guildelines.

The following retailers have safety management plans accepted by Fair Trading and can arrange for remote de-energisation and/or re-energisation of meters in NSW:

Electrical installation safety inspection prior to re-energisation of premises

If an electrical installation has been de-energised for 6 months or more, an electrical installation safety inspection is required to be undertaken by a qualified electrician to ensure, as far as practically possible, that the electrical installation is safe to re-energise.

After the safety inspection has been conducted, a completed Remote Re-energisation Safety Statement form is provided to the customer.

The Remote Re-energisation Safety Statement includes details of the minimum checks and tests required tprior to issuing the certificate.

The customer will need to provide a copy of the certificate to their electricity retailer when arranging for re-energisation to be undertaken.

Working live is not safe and illegal

You must make sure that work is not done on electrical equipment while the equipment is energised.

SafeWork NSW has strong powers to take enforcement action and fines of up to $6000 may apply.

Go to SafeWork NSW for more information on electrical work.


You must use licensed electricians to do any meter installation work  in NSW.


Fair Trading will complete field-based inspections of installation work informed by CCEWs, intelligence or customer feedback (eg. complaints).


There is an audit inspection fee of $15 for each advanced meter fitted and a re-inspection fee of $75 when there is defective work.

Need more information?

Call on 02 9895 0076 (8.00am to 4.00pm, Mon-Fri) or email for any general enquiries.

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