Information for specific industries

Information for running businesses from various industries.

NSW Fair Trading requires specific businesses and industries to understand and apply their obligations. For information about your industry, find the relevant page below.

Employment placement services

Information for running an employment placement service.

Entertainment industry

Information for performers and performer representatives.

Fire safety practitioners

Information on the competent fire safety practitioner framework.

Fitness services

Information to help you run a successful fitness services business.

Funeral industry

Link to the standards for the funeral industry.


Information on qualifications for hairdressers.

Market stall holders

A guide for businesses who sell products at market stalls.

Motor dealers

Your obligations and licensing information for motor dealers.

Motor vehicle recyclers

Information on your obligations and licensing for motor vehicle recyclers.

Motor vehicle repairers

A guide to your licensing requirements and your obligations as a motor vehicle repairer.


Paintball markers are no longer considered firearms regulated by NSW Police but recreational sporting devices managed by Fair Trading. This page explains the changes.

Retirement village contracts

Information on contracts and other aspects of being a retirement village operator.

Sharing economy platforms

Information on running a business in the sharing economy. Example platforms include Air BnB and Uber.

Smart meters

Information on smart meters for installers and meter providers.

Tattoo parlours

Licensing information for tattoo parlour operators and tattooists.

Training providers and marketers

Guidelines on your rights and responsibilities as an education or training provider.

Travel agents

Information on the reforms for the travel industry and travel agents.

Ticket reselling

Information for event organisers about the new ticket reselling laws.

Trading on public holidays

Information on how and when businesses may trade on public holidays in NSW.

Pawnbroking and second hand dealers

Information on running a pawnbroking or second-hand dealer business, including information about licensing, advertising and signage.