Biofuels marketplace data

From 1 January 2017, new Biofuels laws started in NSW. The new laws apply to primary wholesalers including Mobil Australia, Viva Energy Australia and Freedom Fuels Australia Pty Ltd, volume fuel retailers (majors and independents). The primary wholesalers must register and report quarterly volumes to NSW Fair Trading but the mandate does not apply.

Results reported by volume fuel retailers (majors)

The following results were reported in 2018:

The following results were reported in 2017:


Volume fuel retailers can apply for an exemption under the Exemptions Framework (PDF, 424.41 KB). These guidelines will remain in force until superseded.

Progress charts

These three progress charts PDF, 293.13 KB show the sale of E10 by regulated entities (majors and independents) as a percentage of total petrol sales, by quarter.

E10 and E85

2017 results

The average ethanol content taken from E10 samples in the previous year was 9.63 percent.

The result of the ethanol content tested from E85 samples was 79.47 percent.

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