Tow truck auxiliary number plates

From 1 July 2016, tow trucks may display auxiliary number plates. Auxiliary number plates can be ordered from any Roads and Maritime Services Motor Registry or Service NSW Service Centre.

Auxiliary number plates:

  • have the same letters and numbers as the plate(s) on the tow truck
  • have black characters on an off-white background, irrespective of the colour of the number plates fitted to the tow truck
  • are the width of a motorcycle plate and slightly longer, with the words 'NSW Auxiliary' printed on it

If your vehicle registration is cancelled, you lose either number plate, or you surrender your tow truck operator licence, you must also surrender the auxiliary plates.

You do not require authorisation from NSW Fair Trading to order or surrender tow truck auxiliary plates.

As a tow truck operator, it is your responsibility to ensure that the tow truck's brake and indicator lights are visible to all whenever a vehicle is being carried in the cradle of a tow truck. This can be achieved with the use of portable lights affixed to the rear of the towed motor vehicle.

Ordering an auxiliary number plate

The cost of obtaining an auxiliary number plate is a one-off fee of $43. An auxiliary number plate can be ordered:

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