Licensee-in-charge exemptions

The Secretary can grant an exemption, under section 31 of the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 that requires each separate agency office be under the charge of a separate licensee, in the following circumstances:

  • in remote rural areas where it may be difficult to comply with the requirements to have a licensee-in-charge of each branch office
  • in the commercial sector, where the presence of a licensee may not be warranted where only limited agency activities are carried on in each separate commercial building or shopping centre office.

A request for exemption will need to include sufficient information to satisfy the Secretary that:

  • the exemption is necessary
  • the licensee has adequate prior experience as a licensee-in-charge of an agency business
  • the licensee is capable of properly supervising the conduct of business at more than one place
  • office systems have been or are proposed to be established at each place of business to provide for accountability to the licensee-in-charge
  • there are adequate staffing and office management arrangements in place at each place of business
  • a centralised trust account will be established for the deposit of trust money received in connection with all places of business for which the licensee will be the licensee-in-charge
  • the licensee is able to comply with any supervision guidelines issued by the Secretary.

View or download the guidelines on how to apply for an exemption (PDF, 296.06 KB)

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