Managing a property

"Changes to the real estate and property industry begin 23 March 2020." 
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Around 4,000 agencies in NSW manage residential rentals for property owners. There are lots of things you should be aware of when you manage a property.


  • The property manager must give tenants the new tenant checklist before they enter into a new residential tenancy agreement.
  • Property agents and self-managing landlords must offer the option for new tenants to use Rental Bonds Online (RBO) as the first option for lodgement of their bond. Visit the RBO page for more information on NSW Fair Trading’s secure online service to manage and refund bond money easily.
  • A valid certificate of compliance or valid occupation certificate (issued in the past three years) must be given to a tenant where the property has a swimming or spa pool. Pool owners wanting to rent out or sell their property should be aware that work may be needed before a certificate can be issued. This requirement does not apply to properties in strata or community schemes with more than two lots, as these properties are already inspected by Councils every 3 years. Visit the swimming pools page for more information.

Residential tenancy and real estate complaint service

NSW tenants, landlords and agents can use Fair Trading’s tenancy and real estate complaint service for help with tenancy complaints or disputes.


Visit the Office of the Small Business Commissioner website for information on retail tenancy.

NBN, fire and lift services

The migration of fixed line and internet services to the NBN network may affect monitored fire alarms and lift phones. Read our overview on how you can assist the migration process for these critical safety services.

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