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NSW Fair Trading copyright policy 

NSW Fair Trading publishes information as web pages, publications, documents and images (‘the Information’). The Information is subject to copyright under the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) and is owned by the State of New South Wales through NSW Fair Trading, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. The Information may be in print and/or electronic format and much of it is displayed on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Conditions under which Information can be freely used

NSW Fair Trading encourages the availability, dissemination and exchange of public information. You may generally copy, distribute, display, download and otherwise freely deal with the Information for any purpose, on the condition that you include the copyright notice “© State of New South Wales through NSW Fair Trading” on all uses.

In this copyright policy, “copy” includes reproducing in the same form or changing from one form to another eg reproducing a web page in a text book; reproducing a printed document in an electronic format such as on an intranet or on a CD-ROM.

In using the Information, you must not imply endorsement by the NSW Fair Trading of any person, goods, services or land transactions (see section 87 of the Fair Trading Act 1987).

When and how to seek permission

You must, however, obtain permission from NSW Fair Trading if you wish to:

  • modify the Information
  • charge others for access to the Information (other than at cost)
  • include all or part of the Information in advertising or a product for commercial supply
  • obtain profit from sponsorship of, or advertising within, a product that includes the Information
  • deal with the NSW Fair Trading logo other than by the copying, distributing or displaying of a NSW Fair Trading document or publication in its entirety.  In particular, the logo must not be displayed on a third party website for the purposes of linking to the NSW Fair Trading website.  See the NSW Fair Trading website linking policy (below)
  • deal with NSW Fair Trading forms other than by downloading, printing or distributing them in order to obtain services from NSW Fair Trading  or
  • copy home building contracts.

To obtain such permission, please contact:

Education and Information Services
NSW Fair Trading
PO Box 972
Parramatta NSW 2124

Exceptions to the Information

Where information has been obtained from a public register or database kept by NSW Fair Trading (eg. REVS or an occupational licensing database), it may only be copied, distributed, displayed or otherwise dealt with in accordance with written permission from NSW Fair Trading or the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth).

Downloading or printing an entry from a public register or database is permissible.

Displaying the Information on another website

You may display Information on another website (with the appropriate attribution).  However, where this Information is an entire web page or a document or publication on the NSW Fair Trading website, you should make a direct link to the web page, document or publication to ensure the latest version is always displayed.

Exceptions to the policy

This copyright policy does not apply to any third party web pages, documents or publications.

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NSW Fair Trading web linking policy 

In aiming to create a fair marketplace for consumers and traders, NSW Fair Trading provides access to information in a range of ways. One mechanism is information provided on the Fair Trading website. To enhance this information and to make information that is sourced from elsewhere available to our clients, we sometimes provide links to other websites. We also allow other organisations to link to the NSW Fair Trading website.

Links to the NSW Fair Trading website

NSW Fair Trading welcomes links from your website to the NSW Fair Trading website. If you plan to create a link, please follow these guidelines:

  • Links to NSW Fair Trading’s site should preferably be to the homepage or other high level page. Linking to other pages may pose some risk, as the page to which you link may move or become unavailable.
  • The correct name for the site is NSW Fair Trading. 
  • The NSW Fair Trading logo is subject to copyright and may only be used by permission. It cannot be used for web linking purposes. (See our Copyright notice).
  • The NSW Fair Trading website should be opened in a new window and not within a frame of your own branding.
  • You must not use the link to provide, or in any way imply, endorsement by NSW Fair Trading, of your organisation, services or products (see section 87 of the Fair Trading Act).
  • You must not pass off content from our site as your own. This includes copying or re-using parts of the site (see our Copyright notice).

Links from the NSW Fair Trading website

Under some circumstances, we will link to other websites. Links are restricted to the following sites:

  • Government (state, federal and local)
  • Australian and NSW industry and professional organisations
  • Australian and NSW community, not for profit and advocacy organisations that promote fair trading
  • Key international consumer protection bodies
  • Commercial organisations that are working with NSW Fair Trading programs to safeguard consumer rights and to advise business and traders on fair ethical practice in NSW (specific criteria will apply).

NSW Fair Trading reserves the right to determine the placement of any listing and to include, exclude or withdraw a website link at its discretion. We will not participate in link exchange arrangements with third party commercial websites.

NSW Fair Trading does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense that might occur as a result of the use of or reliance upon, materials which appear at the linked sites (see our Disclaimer).

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