Product and service safety

Safety is about being aware, taking care – information for consumers

Every day in NSW children and adults are admitted to hospital with severe injuries that are caused in the home. NSW Fair Trading is committed to reducing product-related injuries. We do this by making sure items for your home such as childrens' nursery furniture, toys, electrical items and gas appliances which can be a hazard to both children and adults are safe.

We play an active role in educating businesses and consumers about product safety and have lots of resources available on safety and standard issues. We also conduct ongoing marketplace surveys to ensure that products continue to meet acceptable standards. The Australian Consumer Law, the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act and the Gas Supply (Gas Appliance) Regulation require that certain goods must comply with safety requirements before they can be sold, and certain information must be supplied with that product when it is sold.

Where problems do occur with a product, we have the power to remove unsafe goods from sale. This might include recalling dangerous products or a public warning of a particular defect or dangerous product. Go to the recalls page on the Product Safety Australia website to check for any recalls on specific products or types of products. You can also find safety tips, and information about mandatory safety standards and bans for different product types at their website.

If you become aware of an unsafe situation or item, whether or not anyone has been injured, you should alert the supplier about the issue. You can also report it by lodging a complaint on our website or via the Product Safety Australia website.

Suppliers can find out more about their responsibilities on the selling safe products page.

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