Buying products

Information about your rights when you are buying products.

When buying goods, it’s important to understand your consumer rights to avoid costly mistakes.

Before you buy:

  • think about what you want the product to do
  • shop around and compare quality and price
  • take your time and avoid impulse shopping
  • ask for a receipt if you do not get one
  • keep your receipts in a safe place for refund and warranty purposes
  • check the seller’s refund policy before you buy anything
  • beware of scams
  • If you’re buying products from overseas – always check if the manufacturer has service arrangements in Australia. You don’t want to get stuck with a faulty product and no-one local to fix it
  • think twice before paying a deposit as a business may keep all or part of it if you change your mind
  • ensure toys you buy for children are appropriate and safe for their age
  • remember, interest free deals are not cost free – you generally will have to pay ongoing fees
  • check your credit card statements carefully and make sure only the things you have bought have been charged to you

It is illegal for businesses to mislead you or use high-pressure selling tactics.

Always keep the receipts, dockets or invoices supplied by the business as proof of purchase.