Changes to legislation

Understanding recent changes to our laws.

Changes to domestic violence residential tenancy laws

From 11 December 2020, a wider range of professionals may provide a domestic violence declaration.

Changes to retirement village laws

New retirement village laws start in 2021.

Building industry reforms

Two new laws have been passed to restore public confidence in the NSW building industry and to stop dodgy builders and developers.

Community gaming changes

The Community Gaming Act 2018 and the Community Gaming Regulation 2020 started on 1 July 2020.

Managing defects in strata schemes

Changes to the management of building defects in strata schemes commence on 1 July 2020.

Changes to laws for short-term rental accommodation

Changes to NSW Fair Trading laws to regulate short-term accommodation.

Changes to the residential tenancy laws

Information on changes to NSW tenancy laws started 23 March 2020.

Building product safety laws

Information about changes to building product safety laws in NSW. It is for people in the home building industry, or people building or renovating with an owner-builder permit.

Changes to motor industry laws

Information about the changes to motor industry laws for motor dealers and repairers in NSW.

Changes to association incorporation laws

Information about changes to laws for Incorporated Associations. It includes changes about registering an association, model constitution, duties of committee members, and records.

Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2015

Information about amendments and changes to regulation of charitable fundraising.

Major changes to strata laws

Information about new strata laws and the new Building Defect Bond Scheme. There is information for owners, landlords, tenants, strata committees and strata managing agents.

Property reports and commercial exemption reforms

Information about improvements to laws for property agents. This will help home buyers access pre-purchase building & pest inspection reports and strata & community scheme reports.

Underquoting reforms

Information about new laws on underquoting that apply to selling NSW residential property.

Changes to ticket reselling

Information on the law changes to ticket reselling.

Better business reforms

These will create opportunities for small businesses by reducing costs and complexity without reducing consumer protections. The reforms also increase transparency and protections

Gas and electricity (consumer safety) laws

The Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 and supporting Regulation ensures the safe use of gas and electrical goods by consumers in NSW.

Repeal and transfer of outdated legislation

The following Acts were repealed or transferred into more appropriate Acts, as part of the Better Business reforms.

Changes to building and development certifier laws

Find out about the 1 July 2020 changes to the Development Certifiers Act and Regulation.

Miscellaneous reforms

Minor miscellaneous reforms to 13 Acts in the Better Regulation and Innovation portfolio.

New licensing requirements for medical gas work

New licensing requirements for medical gas work