Safety labels for electrical goods

Information on safety labels used in NSW for electrical products.

Certain electrical products and appliances, known as electrical articles must be certified against Australian Standards and approved before they can be sold in NSW. When you buy a declared electrical appliance, you should look for the approval number, also known as an approval mark. Electrical articles can be approved by either NSW Fair Trading, equivalent government agencies in Australia, or by certain private certifiers that have been approved by the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation to certify and approve electrical articles for sale in NSW.

Below is a list of the certifiers approved in NSW and their approval number or mark. The 'x' represents the individual approval number.

Approval Scheme

Approval number or mark

NSW Fair Trading

NSW xxxxx

Other State Government agencies

Q xxxxx,  ESO xxxxx,

V xxxxx, ESV xxxxx,

S xxxxx, T xxxxx

Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM), historical use


SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd

SAI TE EA xxxxxxx  or

SAI SMK EA xxxxxx   or


The Australian Gas Association (AGA)

AGA xxxxxx EA   or

AGA xxxxxx G EA

SGS Australia Pty Ltd

SGSEA xxxxxx   or


SAA Approvals Pty Ltd

SAA xxxxxx EA

UL International New Zealand Limited

U xxxxxx EA

TUV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd

TUV xxxxxx EA

Global Mark Pty Ltd


Market Access (AUS) Pty Ltd trading as Certification Body Australia

CBA xxxxxx   or


Australian Safety Approval


Conformity Certification Services Pty Ltd


Where an approval mark or number is not visible

The approval mark should be permanently on the article itself – being on the box or container is not sufficient. If you cannot see an approval number or mark on a declared article, ask the salesperson to show you the approval number. If they can't show it to you, don't buy it. If you find a store selling electrical articles that have no approval numbers or markings, contact NSW Fair Trading. We are responsible for monitoring the safety of electrical goods sold in NSW.

Remember electricity can kill. Electrical products that have not been tested and approved for sale in Australia may not meet Australian Standards and can be dangerous!