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    Hunter Valley Paintball pty ltd

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    Tim Miller

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    Owner operator

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    Hunter Valley Paintball

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    I believe that the changes will improve the industrys confidence for the future of Paintball in NSW, but I have not seen the complete document as yet. 1 If a parent purchases a Paintball gun for their children, aged between 12 years to 18 years of age to use on a registered Paintball venue, will the children be required to have a paintball licence as this Paintball gun is not owned by the registered Paintball venue, and will the parent have to be at the registered Paintball venue for their children to use the privately owned Paintball gun.? 2 You state that a parental consent form must be signed by the parent, will it be a parent and or guardian or just parent. 3 As we will be getting more childrens parties, will all of the childrens parents have to stay at the Paintball venue or will they be allowed to drop them off and come back late to pick them up after the Paintball session has finished.

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