Retirement village exit entitlements and recurring charges cap

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Questions on possible options

  1. Is the description of the ‘Sydney Metropolitan Area’ appropriate? If not, why not, and what areas should be included or excluded?

    Here nor there as there will always be grey areas.

  2. Are the proposals for appointing a valuer, to determine the value of the property, necessary and appropriate?


  3. Where residents wish to sell their residence on their own terms, under what circumstances should they be able to opt in or opt out of the exit entitlement provision?

  4. What issues should the Tribunal take into account when considering whether or not the operator has done everything in their power to enable the sale of a premises?

  5. Are there any additional circumstances the Tribunal should be able to take into account when considering a hardship application from an operator?

    When the retirement village is no longer suitable and the citizen needs to be placed in nursing home or full care, the hardship application should act. As if terminal illness etc.

  6. Are there any other factors that could affect the setting of a ‘trigger point’?

    Chronic or terminal ill health. Or Village owners not providing the stated maintenance.

  7. Would any of the current provisions in Victoria and South Australia as set out in Appendix A (in the discussion paper), be of benefit to NSW residents of retirement villages?

  8. Can you think of any other benefits or costs of this proposal? What are they?

  9. As with residents with a non-registered interest, should the ‘trigger’ to commence the 42-day period begin when the resident permanently vacates the premises?

    Yes - or how will I be able to afford the necessary care of full care if needed.

  10. Should one or both of the proposals be ‘grandfathered’? If not, please provide your reasons.

    No grandfathering. Why should age care be divided into pre July 2019 and post July 2019? All should be entitled to 42 days. If I cannot sell my unit for the cost of full time care my curable disease will be a heavy burden on tax payers!

  11. Please provide any further comments on the reforms.

    Aged care is aged care! It cannot be divided into two categories . 42 days post exit will need to apply for all. Why should some be disadvantaged in their need? As mentioned before, when I need full care and if I cannot obtain it due to lack of funds due to waiting my 5 years for sale, I will commit suicide after writing to all about the lack of care and empathy for aged and non curable disease / chronic patients who have already suffered enough. I have made it to 55!!! I have worked all my life, coughed up blood all my life, paid taxes all my life and suffered pain all my life. If my need for my money to be returned for further care is refused - I will end my life.

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