Review of the Boarding Houses Act

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  • The Issue

    Consultation period: 12/08/2019 12:00 am to 08/10/2019 5:00 pm

    What is this about?

    The NSW Government is committed to protecting the rights of all residents living in boarding houses in NSW.

    Six years ago, the Boarding Houses Act 2012 (the Act) was introduced to improve and regulate the sector. The Act is now being reviewed to ensure that it is still fit for purpose.

    What’s happened so far?

    As part of the review process, a Discussion Paper has been released to facilitate public feedback about the regulation of boarding houses in NSW.

    The Discussion Paper is your opportunity to express your opinions or concerns. We want to hear feedback and input from boarding house residents, industry advocates, proprietors and members of the NSW public. Your feedback is vital in ensuring the Boarding Houses Act 2012 meets the needs of the community.

    An easy read summary of the Discussion Paper is also available. Printed easy read summaries will be distributed to all assisted boarding houses. Residents can use these to provide their feedback and ideas.

    Have your say

    You are invited to read the Discussion Paper and provide your comments by 5pm on Tuesday 8 October 2019.

    We will publish details of any forums or other face-to-face consultations that will take place for assisted boarding house residents.

    All submissions will be publicly available. If you do not want your personal details or any part of your submission published, please let us know in your submission together with reasons.

    Next steps

    Each submission we receive on the Discussion Paper will be carefully considered and will influence the final report on the review, including recommendations for reform. The final report is due to be lodged in the NSW Parliament in 2020.

  • Milestones

    • 12 Aug 2019 - Public consultation on the review of the Boarding Houses Act 2012 starts
    • 8 Oct 2019 - Consultation ends.
  • Outcomes

    During the consultation we received 69 submissions of which 3 were confidential. The remaining 66 submissions have been made publicly available with private information redacted where necessary.

    All the submissions made during the consultation have been read and considered. All publishable submissions can now be found below.

    On 6 August 2020 the Government tabled the final report detailing the outcome of the review in the Legislative Assembly. A copy of the report can be found here.

    View the submissions here

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