Retirement villages

Moving into a retirement village is an important financial decision and lifestyle choice.

Benefits can include a home that is easily maintained, in a private and secure environment with people of a similar age. However, retirement village residents are not automatically entitled to aged care services, even if these are on site.

Prospective residents should explore different villages and learn about the costs involved.

We’ve provided information about moving into, living in and leaving a retirement village in this section of the website. Read summary information below as well as select a topic from the navigation bar on the right.

Retirement Village Living guide

The Retirement Village Living guide provides information on moving into, living in, and leaving a Retirement Village. Residents and prospective residents seeking further information on living in a village can download a copy of the Retirement Village Living Guide (PDF, 943.67 KB).

Retirement villages calculator

We’ve developed the retirement village calculator to help you work out the costs of retirement village living.

Retirement villages register

Prospective residents can use the register to locate a village in the area they are considering.

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