Complying development and water authorities

Applications for certain complying developments must be accompanied by written advice from the relevant water authority, of any works or payments required before a complying development certificate can be issued.

This applies to commercial and industrial complying developments with a water supply or sewerage services by a water utility, for changes of use, first use of premises and alterations and additions to existing buildings.

Before issuing a complying development certificate, certifiers should ask applicants for written advice from the water authority, or suitable evidence that works or payments are not required.

When the requirements are met, the water authority may issue a certificate of compliance which may set further requirements and/or require an inspection by the water authority, before an occupation certificate can be issued.

Works and/or payments allow the water authority to offset any impacts the development may have on the water authority's assets or its ability to provide water and sewerage services (in rural areas, this authority is usually the local council).