Barrier compliance: near enough is not good enough

An E1 certifier inspecting a swimming pool barrier is just as much a public official as an A1 certifier inspecting a high-rise building. This means an E1 certifier's ultimate client is the NSW public, not the individual pool owner.

AS 1926.1 sets specific requirements for swimming pool barriers. A pool will either comply or not comply – there is no level of acceptable tolerance.

If a pool fails even one requirement of the relevant version of AS 1926.1 and/or the Swimming Pools (SP) Act 1992 and Regulation, the certifier:

  • must not issue a certificate of compliance, and
  • must issue a certificate of non-compliance and notice of non-compliance.

Complaints have been received about certifiers issuing compliance certificates for pools that ‘just about’ meet requirements but have one or two discrepancies that are ‘minor’ from the certifier’s viewpoint.

These certifiers are under investigation by the Board and may be subject to disciplinary action if found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct.