Home building contracts can't be used for swimming pool certification

A certification contract must include different, and in some respects more, information than a building contract made under the Home Building Act.

E1 certifiers can't just use the same contract template for their certification work that they use for their building work.

Our contract template for swimming pool certification is the easiest way to ensure your contract meets legal requirements.

Also required for minor works certifiers: If you're authorised to carry out minor works on a swimming pool, the contract must also include the 'important information for pool owners' document published by the Board. The pool owner must sign this document before you inspect the pool.

Note: you are allowed to modify our template contract (just make sure it meets all regulatory requirements), but you are not allowed to modify the 'important information for pool owners' document.

In summary, a contract for swimming pool certification must include, at minimum:

  • your name, accreditation number, business address, phone number and email
  • your client's name, address and contact details
  • the name of your professional indemnity insurer, your policy number, and the start and end dates of your insurance
  • details of the certification work to be carried out
  • your fees (to be paid upfront), and how you will calculate any fees for additional work due to unforeseen circumstances (to be invoiced within 21 days of the additional work being completed)
  • the date when the contract is made
  • your signature and your client's signature.

Contact the Board for more information.