Pool barrier AS clarification: clause 2.3.1 applies to boundary fences

The 500mm 'exclusion zone' for objects around swimming pool barriers applies to any fence, including boundary fences that also act as a pool barrier.

Although some practitioners have taken a different view, the following approach is agreed by NSW regulatory authorities, including the Building Professionals Board, and is considered best practice.

In relation to clause 2.3.1 of Australian Standard 1926.1-2012 Swimming pool safety - Safety barriers for swimming pools:

  • Retaining walls, objects or level changes that would otherwise reduce the height of a barrier within a property must be located at least 500mm from the barrier.
  • Clause 2.3.1 applies in addition to clause 2.2.4, which requires any relevant boundary fence/barrier to be at least 1800mm high on the inside of the property.