Licence restoration

Under NSW Fair Trading’s licensing laws, a licence or certificate lapses or may be cancelled if it is not renewed on time.

The holder then has 3 months in which they may apply to have the licence or certificate ‘restored’. If the application is approved, the licence or certificate is reinstated on the licence register and re-issued to the holder with the same licence/certificate number.

This service provided by Fair Trading recognises that it is sometimes not possible to renew a licence or certificate before it expires. This can happen, for example, if the holder is overseas at the time or can just be the result of an oversight.

The ability to apply for restoration saves applicants the additional cost of applying for a new licence or certificate and also avoids the need to alter business stationery to show a new licence or registration number.

Go to the various fees pages to view restoration fees and charges for eligible licences and certificates.

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