Finding and appointing a certifier

Different classes of certifiers work on different types of development. In addition, industry associations can be approved to accredit practitioners who carry out certain regulated work.

Our registers let you search for certifiers and for industry associations that are approved to accredit ‘accredited practitioners’.

Access to these registers is subject to the disclaimer at the end of this page.

Find a registered certifier

Search the register of certifiers

NOTE: The register is currently being updated and some information may not be current.

For queries regarding the information displayed on the register please email or call us on 02 8522 7800.

Before appointing a registered certifier:

  • check the certifier has the right class of registration for the work (more information below), and read the conditions, if any, on their registration
  • check that the certifier’s registration and insurance are current
  • look up their name on the disciplinary register. This is separate to the certifier register. Check both to get a complete picture.
  • read the contract for certification work carefully.

Learn more about what certifiers do.

What type of certifier do you need?

If you need a principal certifier, this will be a registered building surveyor, local council or a registered body corporate. Your principal certifier can advise if you’ll also need to appoint another type of certifier such as an engineer.

Find out what class of certifier you need for other types of work.

  • Certify an existing swimming pool: a swimming pool inspector or your council
  • Subdivide land: your council can be the principal certifier, but a private subdivision certifier can inspect the work.
  • Register a strata plan: a strata certifier or your council
  • Get an engineer’s report or certificate: a certifier with the class of registration relevant to the work. For example, stormwater, fire safety, or mechanical.

Find an industry association that accredits ‘accredited practitioners’

Search the register of approved industry associations that accredit ‘accredited practitioners’ for fire safety work.

To read more about when you may need to appoint an accredited practitioner, visit fire safety practitioners.


The register contains information that Fair Trading is required to publish under the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018.

Fair Trading disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you may incur as a result of using the information in the registers, or for the registers being inaccurate or incomplete, and for any reason.

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