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First up, meet Suzy and Dave, your toolkit guides and peers from one of the partner organisations:

There are three topics in this toolkit. You can start at topic one and work to the end or you can dip in and out - whatever works for you. Co-design is the most developed section as we found we learned the most there and were able to document some of our learning.

The three topics are:

  1. Engage with communities: This is about your first engagement with a community. It includes information on why you may want to engage with communities, as well as some how-tos and principles you might want to consider.
  2. Work alongside peers: This topic explores some really important ideas like 'nothing about us, without us’. It also explains the importance of the expertise that comes from lived experience, and some critical how-to questions we had to work through as part of our project.
  3. Co-design: This section is the main focus of the toolkit. It will guide you through the four steps of co-design: Discover, Develop, Deliver and Debrief. There are also lots of original resources and ideas for you to think about, take away and test.

Each topic includes:

  • online content to read
  • videos to watch and think about
  • downloadable resources you can use to work through any issues
  • links to other resources you might find useful.

Download the toolkit

  • You can download the toolkit so you can print it and share with others.
  • Download the Word document suited to people with vision impairment.