Gambling advertisements

Guidelines for media advertising staff

If you publish advertisements for gambling and lottery systems including computer prediction software you must follow certain obligations under the law. False or misleading statements in the promotion of these systems are prohibited under Australian Consumer Law and applies to both print and online advertising.

Advertising checklist

Check that advertisements clearly:

  • identify the advertiser and provide the name of the business or contact person, the full street address and phone number
  • state what the system and/or software does
  • indicate that any predictions can be substantiated
  • state if an investment is required, and if so, the amount.

Do not accept advertisements which include:

  • any promise of guaranteed earnings
  • claims that share prices are accurately predicted
  • only a PO Box number
  • exaggerated earnings or projected incomes
  • undisclosed costs for calls to 1900, 015 or 0055 numbers.

Advertisers’ details

You should make sure you have a system in place so you can identify who placed an advertisement. It should include:

  • company/business name
  • full name and phone number of the contact person
  • complete street address.

False and misleading advertisements

Gambling and lottery systems are usually presented as business opportunities or investments. Misleading or scam advertisements usually share the same warning signs or characteristics. Check advertisements that:

  • offer huge returns just by using certain software
  • guarantee predictions
  • guarantee large returns
  • require large up-front payments for software
  • claim that software can accurately predict movements in share prices
  • claim that they can guarantee that consumers will make money through betting or
  • promise that investments will yield a high return with little or no risk.

Example 1: Lotto to win! I am a senior and have been playing Lotto for over 11 years. I make between $11,000 and $14,000 a year. TAX FREE. Want to do the same? Call 1234 5678.

Example 2: The best job in town! Love Sport.... Love Money? Want to earn $60k plus per year?

Great opportunity with no risk involved. If you believe your own eyes call now 1300 123 456.

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