Plumbing inspection documents

Notice of Work

Plumbers and drainers must submit a Notice of Work (NoW) before starting work. Go to the submitting a notice of work page for more information.

At the final inspection

At the final inspection you must provide the NSW Fair Trading inspector with a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

If the booked inspection is not attended by an inspector, the signed CoC and the SSD must be sent to Fair Trading and the property owner within seven working days and must be submitted to Fair Trading through the MyInspections website.

For your customer

Your customer must be given a copy of the CoC and SSD when the work is completed, to confirm the work has been undertaken by a licensed plumber or drainer and that it complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia and standards (AS/NZS 3500). You must provide a copy of the CoC to your customer, whether the work is inspected or not.

Certificate of Compliance

A CoC must be completed by a licensed plumber or drainer for all work. A CoC confirms the work complies with the Act, Regulation, Plumbing Code of Australia and standards (AS/NZS 3500) and identifies the plumber or drainer as the responsible person for that work. .

The CoC will also remain available on the Fair Trading website for instances where no inspections were required. Three copies of the CoC are required - one copy for Fair Trading, one for the customer and one for the plumber or drainer's records. Download the Certificate of Compliance (PDF, 367.08 KB) for the licensee, owner and regulator.

Sewer Service Diagram

A Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) shows the location of private sewer pipes on a property.

When doing sewer drainage work on a residential, commercial or industrial property, plumbers and drainers must submit an updated or new SSD to Fair Trading and the property owner at the completion of the drainage work.

In the Sydney, Illawarra and Blue Mountains areas, Sydney Water holds onto these drawings and they are available from the Tap in portal on the Sydney Water website.

SSDs are not available for purchase in the Newcastle region.

You can download the Sewer Service Diagram requirements (PDF, 575.59 KB) and a reference guide (PDF, 89.94 KB) . We also have a range of SSD templates available to download. They include:

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