Filling out a condition report

What is a condition report?

A condition report records the general condition of the property on a room-by-room basis including fixtures and fittings.

The report should be filled out with as much detail and accuracy as possible. If there is a dispute about missing items or damage, the report can be used as evidence.

Download a copy of the tenancy condition report (PDF, 2880.09 KB)

Information for landlords or owners

A condition report must be filled out before the tenant moves in. Follow the 'how to complete' instructions on the first page of the report.

Important things to know:

  • All damage, however minor, should be noted and described on the report. You can take photos or videos to back–up the written condition report.
  • The report can be adapted to suit individual premises. Note the number of extra pages on the original report and sign and date them.
  • A condition report must be completed whether or not a rental bond is taken.
  • A condition report is not needed if the same parties renew a tenancy agreement or if a new co-tenant or occupant moves in.
  • Once you have completed the report, give two copies to the tenant either before or at the time they sign the tenancy agreement.

Information for the tenant

As the tenant, you must complete your part of the condition report and return a copy to the landlord or agent within seven days of receiving it.

At the end of the tenancy

Both the tenant and landlord or agent should keep a copy of the condition report for the duration of the tenancy.

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