Resolving disputes

A dispute in a residential land lease community may involve neighbouring home owners, an individual homeowner and the operator, or even the whole community.

Become informed about how to manage a dispute and the services that can help to resolve the matter.

First, make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities. Carefully read the terms of your site agreement, the community rules and other information or documents relevant to the dispute. If unsure of anything, contact Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or contact one of the following organisations:

Tenants’ Union of NSW

Tel: 8117 3700

Affiliated Residential Park Residents Association

Tel: 1300 798 399

Resolving disputes within your community

In a community, it’s best if a solution can be resolved quickly and fairly. Find out if your community has set up an internal process or mechanism for handling disputes. Maybe the community have a residents committee that can help. If so, you could ask for their help to resolve the issue. Put any solutions agreed to in writing to avoid misunderstandings later on.

NSW Fair Trading and other services

If the dispute cannot be resolved within the community, you can use our free complaint service. An experienced Fair Trading Officer will aim to finalise the matter through mutual agreement. Go to the make a complaint page for more information.

The Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services can also help with your dispute. Find your nearest service online or call 8117 3700.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

If none of the above steps can resolve your dispute, you may be able to lodge an application with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. In some circumstances it may be appropriate to apply directly to the Tribunal, without following the above steps.

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