Record keeping

CPD record keeping for builders and pool builders

You must keep a diary record of how you met your CPD obligations, including documentary proof of your participation wherever possible. To assist you keep track of your CPD activities, Fair Trading has developed a CPD diary.

If you participated in any face-to-face CPD activity the person or organisation providing the learning must give you a Record of Attendance containing:

  1. Your name, contact details and NSW Fair Trading licence or certificate number
  2. Title of the course/event/activity/training and the CPD topic area covered
  3. Course code (if any)
  4. Date, time and place of the course/event/activity/training
  5. Duration of the course/event/activity/training
  6. Type of assessment (if applicable)
  7. Name of the trainer and organisation
  8. CPD points earned.

If you participated in formal learning for two points per hour, you will also receive a Qualification, or Statement of Attainment/Achievement/Attendance specifying what has been assessed. You are not required to send these records to Fair Trading. However, if you are audited by Fair Trading you must be able to prove that you complied with CPD requirements, or face the possibility of losing your licence.

Download the CPD diary for builders and pool builders (PDF, 417.06 KB).

Licence renewals for builders and pool builders

At the time of every renewal as a builder and swimming pool builder you must declare if you have achieved the required number of CPD points to retain your licence. As renewals are issued at least 6 weeks prior to expiry of the licence or certificate, you must make sure you undertake every effort to comply. If you make an application to renew or restore your licence and you have not complied with the CPD points requirement, your application will be refused.

Any refused application for renewal or restoration of a contractor licence will result in a partial refund of the fee paid (minus a fixed processing component). Certificate holders whose renewal or restoration application is refused are not entitled to a refund. If your application is refused you will no longer hold your licence or certificate.

Seeking exemptions from CPD requirements

In extenuating circumstances the Secretary may exempt a licensee or certificate holder from completing part or all of the requirements for continuing professional development. Circumstances for granting an exemption are limited to serious illness or misadventure.

To be considered for an exemption you are required to complete a CPD Request for Exemption form (PDF, 183.16 KB).

You must provide this form, and all relevant supporting evidence in respect to the exemption request, at the time of making your renewal or restoration application in person at a Fair Trading, Service NSW or Government Access Centre. If you fail to provide this information and declare that you have not met your CPD obligations, your application will be refused.

Any exemption granted is in respect of the term of the licence or certificate up until the licence expiry date. Any future renewal will still require compliance with CPD. At the time of the next renewal, should extenuating circumstances still exist and you still seek an exemption, a new request must be made with your renewal.

Any licensee who knowingly misrepresents their compliance with CPD will have action taken against their licence.

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