Employment placement services

It’s no longer a requirement for an employment placement service to be licensed but they must follow the Australian Consumer Law.

Information standard

An employment placement service must give a job seeker the following information in writing:

  • an employment placement service must not charge a job seeker a fee for the purpose of finding the job seeker employment;
  • an employment placement service must not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct (such as advertising a position as being available when the agency knows no such position exists or knowingly giving misleading information to a job seeker about the nature of a position); and
  • if a job seeker believes that an employment placement service has acted inappropriately, the job seeker may contact NSW Fair Trading for information on possible action that may be taken.

Frequently asked questions

When is an employment placement service required to provide the information standard to the job seeker?

The employment placement service is required to give the notice before they begin the service.

In what format is the written notice to be provided?

The information must be provided in writing. The employment placement service can either email, mail or fax the information to their client.

Is it acceptable if the employment placement service verbally provides the information standard to the job seeker?

No. The employment placement service can let them know verbally but they must also follow up with a written notice.

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