Driver certificate automatic revocation

If your driver licence ceases to be in force for any reason, your driver certificate is automatically revoked.

Fair Trading is notified when a driver licence held by a certified tow truck driver expires, is suspended, disqualified or cancelled. Once we receive this advice, we will notify you that your driver certificate has been revoked. We also notify your employer to advise that you are no longer certified to drive a tow truck.

We cannot take into account the circumstances of how your driver licence came to be suspended, disqualified, cancelled or expired.


Failure to return your revoked driver certificate by the specified date is an offence with a maximum penalty of $2,750.

To have your driver certificate reinstated, you must lodge a new application and pay the full fee. There is no exception to this requirement, even if your driver certificate has only recently been issued.

No further application for a driver certificate will be considered until your revoked driver certificate is returned.

The maximum penalty for driving a tow truck without a driver certificate is $5,500 or imprisonment for 6 months or both.

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