Association enquiries and complaints

IMPORTANT: To assist incorporated associations in the changing circumstances resulting from COVID-19 restrictions, associations are no longer formally required to apply for an extension of time to hold 2020 annual general meetings by lodging the form: A11 - Application for extension of time for holding annual general meeting.  

Associations may conduct their AGM when restrictions are lifted or may conduct the 2020 AGM, for the purpose of presenting the financial information to members, in conjunction with the 2021 AGM.

You'll find more COVID-19-related information on our website.

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Make a complaint

Making a complaint about an incorporated association

Before making a complaint about an incorporated association try to resolve it by speaking directly with the association.

Fair Trading’s powers

Fair Trading’s authority is limited to matters stipulated in the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (the Act).

Generally, Fair Trading will only act on concerns where:

  • there is a serious risk to public trust and confidence in the sector, AND
  • the concerns relate to an association’s compliance with the requirements of the Act

Fair Trading does not have the power to review or investigate every complaint particularly where it falls outside Fair Trading jurisdiction in administering the Act.

Before proceeding with lodging a complaint please read the Making a complaint about an incorporated association fact sheet (PDF, 147.27 KB).

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