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Residential parksĀ 

Reform of the residential park laws

On 1 November 2015, the Residential Parks Act 1998 will be replaced by the new Residential Land Lease Community laws, completing the NSW Government’s commitment to improve the governance of residential parks. For more details visit the Reforms to Residential Parks page.

Residential parks include caravan parks, manufactured home estates and establishments often called ‘mobile home villages’ or ‘relocatable home parks’. Many people choose to live as permanent residents in residential parks and there are specific laws that relate to these unique tenancies.

This section provides detailed information for park owners and residents under residential tenancy agreements. Information on a range of topics can be found on the following pages:


Register of residential parks

The residential parks register is a register of all residential parks registered with NSW Fair Trading. It enables prospective park residents to search for specific parks or to identify parks in a certain post code or local government area.

The register provides Fair Trading with valuable industry data as well as important contact information. This ensures park operators and resident representatives can be consulted on relevant issues and kept up to date on changes to the law.

To search for a residential park, go to the Accommodation registers page. If you are a park owner or operator please visit the Residential park owners page for further information on registration requirements and registration forms.

Profile of the residential parks industry

A snapshot of the residential parks industry has been developed from the information received as part of the residential parks register. The profile presents a picture of the number of residential parks in NSW and how many permanent residents call a residential park their home. A breakdown of parks based on site usage, association membership, and location is also captured in the profile. Over 480 residential parks are listed on the register. These parks provide housing for approximately 33,000 residents in New South Wales. Seventy-one per cent of parks are located in coastal areas.

View or download Residential Parks Industry Profile in PDF format (size: 278kb)

Residential park closures – what rights does a resident have?

Park residents faced with possible termination of their agreement due to a park owner closing the park for redevelopment or other reasons, have specific rights under the Residential Parks Act 1998. For an explanation of those rights and the obligations of park owners in such circumstances, go to the Residential park closures page.

Do you keep a van in a park for holidays?

There is now specific legislation relating to agreements for keeping a van in a park to use for holidays. Visit the Holiday parks page for further information and a copy of the occupancy agreement.

Listen to information about your home and living in a residential park

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