Certifier forms

Fair Trading provides a range of forms and templates for registered building and development certifiers and local councils.

Registration application, renewal and mutual recognition

Go to Apply and renewing registration to apply, or download the

Information sheets for certification contracts

By law, one of the following information sheets must accompany any contract for certification work.

There is a different sheet for each broad type of certification work:

Builders, go to the Contracts page to download the information sheet about certifiers to include with building contracts.

Other miscellaneous forms

Complying development and written directions templates (Department of Planning)

Professional indemnity insurance certificate of currency

Instructions for certifiers:

  • The certificate must be prepared and issued by your insurance provider.
  • Give the instructions below to your provider so the certificate has all required details and is issued on the insurance company letterhead.
  • Fair Trading must receive your certificate at least seven days before your insurance is due to expire.

Instructions for insurance providers

Issue a certificate of currency, on the insurance company letterhead, with at minimum the following details:

  • Insurance company name
  • Confirmation that the insurance is professional indemnity insurance and covers statutory liability for certifiers
  • Policy number
  • Name of the insured
  • Whether the policy is for an individual, partnership, or company
  • Policy start and end dates
  • Retroactive date
  • Limit of indemnity and whether it is inclusive/exclusive of relevant expenses in respect of any one claim; and in respect of all claims made in any one year
  • The professions that the policy covers
  • Confirmation that the insurance has been issued.
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