Licence classes

Every licence or certificate issued in NSW belongs to one of the classes listed below.

Other Building Work

Erection of prefabricated metal-framed home additions and structures
Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation
Structural landscaping
Swimming pool building

Specialist Work

Air conditioning and refrigeration
Disconnection and reconnection of fixed electrical equipment
Medical gases and mechanical services
Plumbing, draining and gasfitting

Trade Work

Dry plastering
General concreting
Installation of security doors, grilles and equipment
Metal fabrication
Minor maintenance/cleaning
Minor tradework
Roof plumbing
Roof slating
Roof tiling
Swimming pool repairs and servicing
Wall and floor tiling
Wet plastering

Work no longer regulated by the Home Building Act

Building consultancy and flooring

From 16 September 2009, building consultancy work and non-structural flooring work, is no longer regulated under the Home Building Act in NSW. This means these types of work are no longer licensed by Fair Trading. This was in response to the Council of Australian Governments' commitment to rationalise occupational licensing across Australia to cut red tape.

Non-structural flooring applies to the installation of any material permanently installed as an upper layer and wearing surface of a floor and is not load-bearing. For load-bearing timber floors, refer to the information on the carpentry licence class page.


From 2 May 2008, demolishing work is no longer regulated under the Home Building Act in NSW. This means that demolishing work is no longer licensed by Fair Trading. To do any demolition work in NSW, it’s generally necessary to hold a licence and/or permit issued by SafeWork NSW. Visit the SafeWork NSW website or call on 13 10 50 for more information.

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