Roof plumbing

Any work involved in the fixing, installation, renovation, alteration, repair and maintenance of guttering, downpipes, roof flashing and roof coverings, including metal walls and ceilings, on any building or structure, except work in relation to coverings consisting of:

  • non-metallic tiles and slates, or
  • glass (being work usually performed by glaziers), or
  • concrete, or
  • timber and timber products, or
  • thatching, or
  • malthoid, bituminous or similar membrane material.

Note: Roof plumbing work includes the installation of skylights, ventilators and the like as well as the application of protective coatings, not involving structural alteration of roof members/components (only where the work involved is not specifically excluded above.



  1. CPC32612/ CPC32611/ CPC32608/ BCP30303 Certificate Ill in Roof Plumbing; or
  2. CPC32413/ CPC32412/ CPC32411/ CPC32408/ BCP30103 Certificate Ill in Plumbing including the roofing stream; or
  3. Certificate III in Plumbing TAFE course 1270; or
  4. Qualification 90119 Certificate III in Metal Roofing Trade TAFE course #7997; or
  5. Qualification Certificate in Metal Roofing Trade TAFE course #1424.

Go to the building licensing courses page to find a Registered Training Organisation that provides the qualification listed above.

Note: Where an applicant has completed TAFE course 1270, you must provide a transcript that verifies this NSW TAFE course code on it. If your transcript does not contain NSW TAFE course code 1270, you must contact TAFE and obtain a formal letter from TAFE that indicates you have completed this course. This letter must be provided in addition to your Certificate III qualification certificate and transcript when making your application.

Modules for different plumbing streams

If an applicant holds a Certificate III in Plumbing BCP30103, CPC32408, or CPC32411, CPC32412, CPC32413 appropriate modules must have been completed from the course when applying for a licence or certificate in the class of Roof Plumbing. Certain compulsory modules and a number of elective units must be completed to demonstrate an applicant meets the qualification requirements for the roofing services stream.

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Previous licence and supervisor certificate holders

If you have ever held a licence or supervisor certificate in the current prescribed categories (Home Building Regulation 2014, clauses 13 and 14, excluding clause 13(a)(ii)) that was not subject to restrictions or conditions and you apply for a new licence or supervisor certificate, your previous licence or certificate will be accepted in lieu of the current qualification requirements.

If you have held a licence or supervisor certificate in the last five years that was subject to restrictions or conditions in the prescribed categories (Home Building Regulation 2014, clauses 13 and 14, excluding clause 13(a)(ii)), we will assess your application and reissue you a licence or certificate that reflects the scope of work that your licence or certificate covered. This may include some conditions or restrictions.

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